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Use the Same Man with a Van

Man and Vans, London’s leading Man with a Van company, suggests that you work with the same moving company


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Booking a man with a van can be tedious. Who do you use when there are so many options? Man and Vans have learned from experience that “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”.

So, if you have used a man with a van and were truly happy with service provided, it might be a good idea to stick with them.

We have an extremely high rate of returning customers and that really shows how serious we take what we do. What is the point, you ask? Well, if you find the right company at the right price, you are just in the beginning of the whole moving process. A good price is great, but then comes the service. This is what completes the package. A good service means an accurate appraisal, diligence, great attitude and safe movers.

Keep in mind that you might be paying your movers by the hour. We have found that many of our new customers recall bad experiences with previous moves. Some man with a van slow a move down to prolong the work day, meaning they will earn more money. This will not happen with Man and Vans.

We have a reputation to uphold. So, that we can provide you with a careful but efficient service. At the end of the day, what matters is not only how much you paid for your move, but how your move day ended – is everything where you wanted it? Is anything damaged? If your day was less stressful than you expected? – If all the answers are yes then that is your company.

If even one of the answers is no, then call Man and Vans on 0845 170 0660 next time you need to move. Our man with a van service will not let you down.

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