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Moving While On Holiday with Man and Van East London

Man and van East London can take care of everything while you’re on holiday

Why not take advantage of Man and Van East London and let us do all the work. So, why not kill two birds with one stone and plan your holiday and your move at the same time?

Imagine, while you are relaxing on a beach or hitting the slopes, we could take care of your move without you lifting a finger. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Man and Vans can pack everything up, move the lot and even unpack, if you want the whole nine yards. You could even pack yourself, if that is your preference. Just organize all the boxes according to which room they belong to and write a list on each box. So, you and we know what it contains. Make a copy of this inventory for yourself. So, you can double check everything is there, for your own peace of mind. Or you can leave it all up to us, while you sip from your cocktail somewhere nice.

We will write an inventory for you and when you get back, all will be sorted. Beds can be made. Your TV and comfy sofa where they should be and the kitchen ready for cooking. Obviously, you’ll be gagging for good home-cooked meal after all the holiday food you’ve been eating.

Man and Van East London can move all your belongings to your new place while you are on holiday. And don’t worry, you can thank us later. So, give Man and Vans a call on 0845 170 0660 or drop us an email to

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