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Time For A Man with a Van

Need a Man with a Van because it is time to move?

Sad moving day

Moving can be stressful

Here at Man and Vans, we come across many stressed out people looking for a man with a van. So, to help with the stress levels, choose the best time to move.

You may be thinking that there is no best time to move, because there’s always going to be something getting in the way. An this may well be the case. Sometimes moving may not your decision. For exampe, when your landlord sells the property you are renting. Or maybe your lease comes to an end and the landlord wants to move back in. Sadly, you just have to do it. But here are some useful tips on how to best choose your moving time,  if you are able to.

If you have kids, try to organise the move during the school week. This way, the kids will be at school for the most part of the day, meaing you ca nget on with the move without any distraction. If you do not take the summer heat well (yes, the English summer can get hot!) then maybe avoid moving in the summer. Heat induces exhaustion which will cause more stress.

Maybe, the cold weather is not for you. In which case, avoid moving in the middle of winter. Perhaps, work is really busy and you’ve got major deadlines coming up. Obviously, working longer hours to meet deadlines is hard enough, without the worry of moving too.

Man and Vans urges you to take these things into consideration when booking your man with a van.

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