Race for Life with Man and Vans

Man and Vans sponsor London Race for Life

Just another way Man and Vans can help!

Race for Life with Man and VansMan and Vans was proud to sponsor an elite team of female athletes in the 5km Race for Life in Old Deer Park that took place on Saturday June 25th.

The team consisted of Helen Innes, Claire Glapin, Claire Gleeson-Landry, Rachel Denwood, Laura Bamforth, Emily Greenwood, Kate Taylor and Suzie Roberts. They were ably supported by their husbands and boyfriends, who excelled in the vital task of holding  the handbags…along with a pint in the other hand, of course.

Before the race. All the runners were ‘entertained’ by a comedian and an aerobic warm up.

We will not do the girls the disservice of listing their placings and times, but the whole of Man and Vans sponsored team finished around the half hour mark and within 8 minutes of one another. So, a pretty decent team result that they can all be proud of.

Man and Vans is also extremely proud of the team. Not only a great effort, but they also raised £1500+ for Cancer Research as a result.

We are also very impressed by the staying power the girls exhibited at the bar throughout the afternoon and, dare we say, late into the night.

Well done ladies! You made all the boys proud.

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