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Why Is It Better to Buy Man and Van Packaging

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If you are moving, why not try Man and Van Packaging for all your packing material needs? When people move, they are already spending money – buying or renting a new house or apartment, and possibly hiring a removal company.

Sometimes people think that they can save money, using some old used boxes from the supermarket, to move their stuff in. Instead of buying actual moving boxes.

This might seem a bit silly, but you’d be surprised by some of the sorts of “boxes” we come across.

Boxes from supermarkets usually have holes in the bottom. You have to spend time fixing them up. They’re also usually much weaker and can tear or crumble when they are being moved or stacked, increasing the risk of damaging whatever might be inside. Obviously, smaller items might even slip through the holes and disappear forever. Another problem with old food boxes is that they might smell. Especially, if they were for fruit or veg.

You wouldn’t want an unpleasant mouldy smell on your Burberry shirt, right? Man and Van Packaging is clean (doesn’t smell) and the boxes are purpose built for removals. So, they’re the correct sizes making moving easier for everyone. We also have wardrobe boxes, which are great for moving expensive hanging clothing. You can’t get these from your local grocery store.

Be wise when it comes to boxes – Man and Vans will help you.

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