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Using a Man with a Van to Move With Kids

Moving is stressful enough without the worry of the affect the Man with a Van will have on your kids

Happy couple with a kidA man with a van turning up to move all your possessions can be quite a scary thing for kids. Man and Vans have a few suggestions to help make your move day a little easier on your little ones. On the day of the moving it is a good idea to prepare some items that will keep your kids entertained. It is important that they are out of the way of the movers. This will ensure that everyone is safe and that no one and nothing is hurt or damaged.

We’ve all been there, barely awake, stumbling out of the bedroom and tripping over that skateboard or, worse yet, an actual child playing happily in the hallway waiting for you to wake up! Now, imagine carrying one end of that heavy antique wardrobe down the stairs and treading heavily on that unbelievable sharp Bob the Builder toy. Needless to say, that doesn’t end well for all involved. Not only for you, but the person carrying the other end, the walls…

But, you can avoid this. Maybe you have somewhere that the kids can go for the move day? A family member, friend or even day care. If that’s not really feasible, try setting up a room for the kids to play in while you and the movers crack on with the rest of the house. Prepare colouring books, an electronic game or DVDs, or perhaps a Perplexus puzzle. This should keep them occupied for a while and you will not have to worry about where they and if they are safe. Pack a child suitcase with all the things they will need in the first day or two after the move. Have your kids to pick out some of their favourite clothes and toys. This will help make them feel more comfortable about the whole ordeal and make settling into their new home too a little easier. If your child has a favourite cup or a plate they like to eat from, make sure they’re in a kitchen box labelled “Open First”. Kids like to see familiar objects when they go to a new place. When you have already moved in try to unpack the children’s room first for the same reasons.

Next time we will give more tips on what to put in the boxes “Open First” for each room.

Our man with a van service is here to answer any questions you might have about moving with kids. So, give Man and Vans a call on 0845 170 0660 or drop us an email to

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