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Man and Van Packing Tips (Part 3)

Man and Vans Customer References

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You might think all man and van companies in London are created equal. Well, you’d be mistaken. Man and Vans is one of London’s original man and van services and we’ve spent countless hours putting together useful blogs in an effort to educate our customers about all things related to moving. And this is no exception…

Moving often involves dismantling or disconnecting various times, such as beds, wardrobes and even electronics like TV and audio equipment. When you take apart electronic devices, it is always a good idea to take a picture with your cell phone or pocket camera how the wiring looked like before you unplug all those confusing cables. It will make reconnecting them much easier. You might find it a good idea to print that picture and tape it to the box with the appliance that it corresponds to? Never lay cables loose in a box. They can get tangled and be a nightmare when unpacking. If you keep the original boxes for your appliances, use them when moving. It can save a lot of time trying to find packaging just the right size or something else to fill the dead space in the box that won’t cause any damage. When it comes to labelling your boxes, always use the thickest marker you can find. A pencil or a pen might seem like a good idea, but they are not. The thin lines cannot be easily read in the haste of the move and you want everything to end up in the right place, on the right floor. Don’t forget to label anything delicate with “fragile” or “breakable” as clearly as possible.

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We will be back next week with more useful tips.

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