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Man and Van Packaging Tips (part 1)

Man and Van Packaging for your move

Packaging TipsMan and Vans is ready to give you the best advice when it comes to man and van packaging.

If you are planning on packing your belongings before you move by yourself, it is vital to know the best way to do it. If packing is not adequate, it is likely that items will be damaged during the removal and it will be difficult to claim for the damages from your man and van.

When you start packing, remember to keep the weight of each carton around 50 pounds. This will help the move quicker and easier. If you are using your own cartons, make sure they are sturdy and they all close completely. So, they can be stacked better. This makes for not only better stacking in the removal van, but in your new home. Meaning more space to move before and during unpacking.

If you are unsure about the quality of your boxes, just order packaging from us. We stock everything you will need and deliver all over London.


Start packing room by room and try not to mix items from two different rooms. Not only will this add more time, but you’ll find yourself walking around aimlessly trying to find something the right size to fill the last gap in the box. Unpacking boxes that have contents from various rooms is a slow and tedious task. It is much easier to just fill boxes the best you can in each room and then seal it up and move on.

Start with the things you use less frequently and work your way through to the things you use almost every day. Leave clothes, towels and bed sheets in the drawers if it’s possible for the movers to just take the whole chest of drawers or small cupboard. However, if your drawers have things that are breakable or night spill, you should empty them and pack the contents in secured boxes. Try to put similar contents in the same box – do not mix fragile glasses with heavy cutlery or saucepans for example.

We will be here next week to continue with the moving tips. Man and Vans wishes you a great day!

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