Man and Vans Packing Material Sale

Man and Van Packaging Sale

packing materials from man and vans

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Man and Van Packaging is something almost every customer needs. So, we thought we would run a little special to coincide with our latest blog.

So, yet another discount from Man and Vans. Discount – now that’s a word everybody loves to hear.

If you’re in need of a removal service or some packaging then why not kill two birds with one stone and contact us. You can see our rates along with all the different packing materials we offer on our website.

However, if you’re just in need of a few boxes then we have an offer running until the end of May 2011. Fifty pence off each box when you mention reading this blog! When you consider our small boxes are normally £1.50 each, you’ll only actually pay £1! Ten small boxes sell for £13 – so you will get them for £8! What a bargain!

One thing about moving, is that it’s almost impossible to know just how boxes you are actually going to need. In most cases, customers underestimate how many they’ll need by about half. Man and Van Packaging can also be delivered ahead of your move and you can pay for whatever you end up using. That’s right, if you book your move with Man and Vans, we’ll arrange to drop off a load of boxes for you to pack and then work out exactly what you used at the end of the move. That way, you’ll only pay for the right amount and not be stuck with a load of unused boxes.

So, go online, fill in our quick quote form and let us do the rest.

50p off each box when you mention this man and van packaging blog

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