Man ith a Van London and the World Water Day

Man with a Van London and World Water Day

Man with a Van London and the World Water Day

Man with a Van London and the World Water Day

This is something every man with a van London should consider. On the 22nd March this year was World Water Day. We are aware that a business like ours has some impact on the environment. So, we try to minimise these effects and be as environmentally friendly as our business will allow us.

The theme of the World Water Day this year is Water for Cities. Our team follows closely the newest researches and was astounded to find out that more than half of the world’s population lives in the cities. Our company is born in the London megalopolis and we know exactly how harmful the pollution in the cities can be for the water. That is why we maximised the recycling of the waste materials in the company like our plastic bubble wrap, cardboard boxes and paper. Our team is trying to help our customers in every way possible and we feel that by doing our best to recycle we offer them a company they can feel secure with. The materials we now offer to our customers are recycled, which is a great move we hope other removal companies will consider. Going green is something that everyone should be thinking about, from individuals to the largest corporations. We all have a social responsibility to do so.

Being environmentally responsible is the next step for our business and we feel that every person, whatever their role, is responsible.

On this years World Water Day. Please take a minute, as the Man with a Van London team will, to consider your impact on the environment.

Man with a Van London is actively involved in the preservation of the environment

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