Man and Vans keeps kids happy on moving day

Essentials for the Kids When Moving from Man and Van Islington

Man and Van Islington knows it can be tricky moving with kids

Man and Van Islington keeps kids happy on moving day If there’s one thing Man and Van Islington can help with, it’s moving advice.

If you’re relocating and have little ones to think about on the move day, make your life infinitely easier and plan ahead. There are a few ways you can keep kids occupied during the potentially long journey to your new home. Make sure they have a load of books, maybe an in-car DVD player and their favourite toy…or three! Making sure they’re entertained will do a great deal to see that your move day is as stress-free as possible. So, if there are any delays getting keys to the new place, you’ll be confident your kids can keep themselves entertained.

Here at Man and Van Islington, we know that a few of the right items can combat boredom. So, here are our best recommendations for keeping the little ones occupied. All of which will fit into a small bag:
  • Some paper and pens: whether they’ll be doodling or playing squares, at least they won’t be drawing on the walls of your new home.
  • iPods or CD players: music makes everything more bearable and certainly passes the time in the car when it’s tricky to do much else.
  • Snacks: Pack some fruit, raisins, maybe a cheeky sweet treat, too. That way you can prevent them moaning about having to wait for dinner a little longer than they usually do.
Man and Van Islington is here to make your moving day (and those leading up to it, whilst you’re organising everything) as easy as possible. Why not give us a call, and see what the friendly and efficient Man and Vans team can do for you.
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