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You can relax with man and van Sutton

Recently, Man and Van Sutton came across an article claiming that moving house; all the packing up, organising of family possessions, not to mention signing numerous documents and dealing with legal practitioners…the list goes on, is one of the most stressfull things we do in our lives. Especially, when buying a property!
Here at Man and Van Sutton, our job is to help make your move as easy and efficient as possible. We might even be able to relieve some of the stress beforehand too. This week, we’re sharing our tops ways to relax and help take your mind off the idea of moving:
– If you’re having trouble sleeping because of worrying about things you need to do the next day, just jot them all down on a notepad that can be kept beside your bed. This way, you know you’ll remember them in the morning.
– Make time for you. Whether that means having a long soak in the bath, snuggling in bed with a good book or taking yourself off to a bit of line dancing; it’ll clear your head and make you feel refreshed.
– Stick to a healthy, balanced diet, and avoid skipping meals. You need to keep your energy up and immune system strong, which is tricky if you’re not getting enough or the right sort of grub. (Man and Vans love food and thinks this one is vital – especially with the energy we need to move people)
Let Man and Van Sutton know the ways in which you’re combating the stress. Maybe, your wisdom will help others in the same situation and everyone will want to give you a great big hug.
Now what could be better than that?
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