Man and Van Putney Might Be Good For Your Brain

Man and Van Putney read that planning a move might be good for your brain

If you’re moving house in the near future, Man and Van Putney bet that there’s one thing you probably haven’t thought of. All the good it might be doing for your brain! Simply because there are so many things involved that you’re actually exercising it during the planning/packing/selling process.
To shine some light on this stressful time, Man and Van Putney is here to let you know exactly which bits of your noggin are getting a workout when you’re relocating:
The Occipital Lobe: This bad boy is in charge of recognising visual sensation, and processing it. Very much needed for looking around those lovely properties, and deciding which one looks good to you.
Broca’s area: Broca’s area controls speech and language recognition, as well as all you facial nerves. For example, when you’re gritting your teeth and smiling at your significant other because they packed things in the wrong boxes, Broca’s area will help you keep that jaw firmly clenched, thus refrain from screaming your head off.
The Hippocampus: The humorously named Hippocampus (we’re somewhat easily amused) helps with memory formation. Excellent for when the time comes to unpack aforementioned boxes. So, you can find your favourite teddy ASAP.
If thinking about all of that has tired you out. Contact Man and Van Putney for a more relaxing, holiday-for-the-brain type of removal service. You can count on Man and Vans. So, just give us a call or drop us an email and one of our team will be on hand to let you know how we can make your moving life easier.
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