Man and Van Kingston wouldn't mind moving here

Man and Van Kingston Presents: Home or Away (part 1)

The first instalment from Man and Van Kingston

Man and Van Kingston loves Blighty

Man and Van Kingston takes a look at this great debate. When people such as yourselves, our dear readers, express an interest or desire to move residence. All sorts of questions can arise. Things like: are there decent schools nearby? How far is the tube? Will little Fluffles the cat get on with the Rottweiler living next door? And so on.

For some, however, thoughts are further afield.  As the debate of whether to stay in the UK or move abroad ensues. This week, Man and Van Kingston explores the benefits of staying at home:

  • You’ll be close to friends and family, which means they can still help out at short notice or in an emergency.
  • You probably know most of the areas around you, which means you may already have an idea of where you’d like to relocate to. If moving abroad, you may be exploring completely new territories, the choice of which may be overwhelming.
  • You’ll definitely speak the language. Or at least understand the local dialect.
  • If you’ve got any more thoughts you’d like to share with Man and Van Kingston or would like to find out about our service. Please do get in touch. Next week is all about moving away, to pastures new….
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