Man and Van Chelsea Can Remove Unwanted Presents

Man and Van Chelsea look at bad gift etiquette

Man and Van Chelsea love a good gift as much as the next person. But what about bad gifts? What means of disposal is acceptable? If I give it away to charity, is that allowed or is that just being mean to charity? Well, Man and Vans has some ideas.

We’ve all been there. That rubbish Christmas present. It’s something we all dread coming across every festive season and it seems that there really is no end to the tat that toy/gadget/woolly jumper factories churn out each year.

We’d put money on the fact that you, or at least someone you know, received one of them this year.

Well, fear not. Man and Van Chelsea is here! If you’re trying to conceal a hideous gift that someone ever-so-generously gave you this Christmas. It can be a tricky business. Depending on the physical size of your atrocity. Hiding it can present a variety of problems. You want it to be somewhere that no unexpected visitors will find it; those that give warning of their arrival are much more helpful, allowing for time to find a suitable, out-of-sight spot for said thing. Of course, even with warning, there is not always a convenient place to hide things, particularly if they’re large.

Here at Man and Van Chelsea, we pride ourselves on being able to provide a speedy and efficient service. Often at short notice and moving whatever items our clients so desire, to wherever they so desire.

Basically, all you need is a chum with a large house or storage space. So, go on. See what Man and Van Chelsea can do for you; we promise to be careful with your “unique” knitwear. If we can help you move anything, whatever it might be, please get in touch. You can email us at

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