Man and Van West London can't move your actual house

Moving House takes on a Whole New Meaning says Man and Van West London

Another unusual find by Man and Van West London

Man and Van West London sadly can't move your actual house

Here at Man and Van West London, we love seeking out bonkers and bizarre stories of people relocating.
This week, Man and Vans feel we’ve stumbled across a real corker. A house that is being given away for free by East Manchester Township, situated in York, Pennsylvania, comes with a price to pay – the taker must move the property away from where it currently stands. The cost of which can add up to a considerable amount.Township manager Terry Gingerich said that they had in fact had a number of people expressing interest in taking on the project, the most promising of which has said they are “99.9 percent sure” that they will follow through with their offer. Gingerich expressed concern about handing the house over to anyone who may pull out at the last minute.Once the house is out of their way, township officials have plans to expand their municipal building on to the space that is left.If you’d like to share any interesting stories (which may well make it into our blog, you never know) with us, or require a little more information about the Man and Van West London service, please do get in touch and one of our Man and Vans team will be happy to help answer any questions/listen attentively.
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