Man and Van North London Reports Nuns are on the Move

Moving house is stressful for everyone as Man and Van North London can testify. After all, it’s what Man and Vans do! You’re packing up the lives of your whole family, possibly relocating to somewhere far away from friends and close relatives. If this all sounds all too familiar, rest assured that even those closest to God don’t escape the troubles of moving.

The nuns who have resided at The Carmelite Convent in Darlington, a home for the Carmelite community since 1830, were forced to move from their 3.16 acre building into a seven bedroom house, due to mounting maintenance costs and the numbers of the nuns dwindling as time goes on. Not only this, but basic tasks such as cleaning their property were becoming incredibly time-consuming, with so few hands doing the work for over 50 rooms in the convent.

The bills that they were having to pay for such as large space were also incredibly high, compromising their vow of poverty and a basic life. The four nuns who lived together moved into their new home on the 15th October.

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Man and Van North London knows moving is stressful

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