Steve Carell and Man and Van London

Man and Van London love it and we’re certain it’s a programme that you love too. Whether you watched it cuddled up on the sofa next to a loved one or curled under the duvet with a mug of hot chocolate, we’re sure you’ll have fond memories.
The Office brought joy into the lives of thousands. First in the UK with Mackenzie Crook and Ricky Gervais’ irresistible dry humour and then in the USA, with Steve Carell taking the lead.
But now, as viewers across America weep into their tea at the thought of a final season of this great show, Hollywood star Carell is moving office (sort of like the service provided by Man and Van London) and breaking away from the cult series.
The word on the gold-paved street is that Steve has signed a deal for a movie in which he will play the ‘1970s version of a YouTube star’, a man who found fame and fortune by recording himself singing covers. Yes, that means our favourite funny man will also be belting out some big numbers; we can’t wait for that.
If, like Mr Carell, you’ve got better places to be than the office space you currently occupy, Man and Van London can offer you a reliable and efficient service, and get yourself and your colleagues outta there, pronto. We’re a bit stuck in getting you a singing career, though. Sorry about that.
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