Monthly Archives: October 2010

Man and Van East London reports on NHS news

Man and Van London reads NHS Money goes to Moving House

Man and Van London thought we had to share this one. In the midst of a crushing financial climate, where thousands of public sector workers are losing their jobs and many more are fighting to keep theirs, it seems some are reaping in the cash- just for moving house. NHS financial boss Paul Traynor has […]

Man and Van West London can Move or Remove

Another string to Man and Van West London’s bow. We are the leading man and van service in West London. The owner of a removals business in Norfolk is getting to grips with finding ways of drumming up business in the midst of the recession, a time when many are reluctant to move residence. Simon […]

Steve Carell and Man and Van London

Man and Van London love it and we’re certain it’s a programme that you love too. Whether you watched it cuddled up on the sofa next to a loved one or curled under the duvet with a mug of hot chocolate, we’re sure you’ll have fond memories. The Office brought joy into the lives of […]
Man and Van North London tries to avoid causing jams

Man and Van North London won’t Block your Roads

Man and Van North London prides ourselves on our road etiquette. Roads in a city in Michigan are to be closed at the beginning of October due to a massive office removal, according to a random article Man and Vans came across recently. Traffic will be severely disrupted in Ann Arbor on the first weekend of […]

Man and Van Fulham Likes That Susan Boyle Keeps It Real

You can count on Man and Van Fulham to keep you up to date with all the latest celebrity gossip. Just because you become a big star. An iconic figure, someone who was catapulted to fame and fortune after one brief reality-show appearance who’s now a household name – well, it doesn’t mean you can’t […]
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