man and van camden loves big brother

Man and Van Camden talks Big Brother

man and van camden loves big brother

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Reality television if often a hot topic here at Man and Van Camden.

For the past ten years, the summer has pretty much been a write-off (depending on what you’re into, that is, and whether you still care about watching people trapped in a house with very little to do but make themselves look very silly indeed).

Davina has been like a surrogate mother to the nation. Every week we have all looked to her to bring news of who will be leaving the Big Brother house, and on occasion, we’ve even tuned into the live show when we’re bored on a Sunday afternoon.

Now that all the fun’s over forever, there’ll be a lot of moving for both the housemates and indeed the production team, as they, as has been the tradition every year since the show kicked off, auction off the furniture that has resided in the house and has been loved/sprawled upon/generally abused by the contestants, for charity.

If you’re lucky enough to have an extraordinary pad such as the house we’ve come to know and love, and maybe even feel like we sort of live in too, and you’re moving stuff to or from it, then you’ll be looking for a company that can do you proud by keeping your wares safe and sound. Well, dear reader, your search can end with Man and Van Camden, where our service exceeds expectations, and our prices will not break the bank.

For more information about our service, or if you’d like to share any stories from Big Brother that may have missed, please do get in touch, and one of the Man and Van Camden team will be on hand to help.

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