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Man and Van Putney on the Footballer who Blames bad play on Moving House

Man and Van Putney love a bit of sport. And we love a bit of sporting gossip eve more! A player for Brighton & Hove Albion RFC has blamed his recent injury during play on the fact that he was moving house the weekend prior to the game in question, and his legs had been […]

Man and Van London heard Lambeth is Angry

As many of you know, Man and Van London is proud to be based in South London- it’s cool, it’s hip, and The Bill is filmed down the road from us. Need we say more? Even though we like to rave about the place we call home, apparently one of the south London boroughs isn’t so […]
man and van camden loves big brother

Man and Van Camden talks Big Brother

Reality television if often a hot topic here at Man and Van Camden. For the past ten years, the summer has pretty much been a write-off (depending on what you’re into, that is, and whether you still care about watching people trapped in a house with very little to do but make themselves look very […]
visit an auction with Man and Van South London

Visit an Auction with Man and Van South London

Man and Van South London help many people get their newly purchased auction pieces home. For some, part of moving house is getting all new furniture, and indulging in some lovely, antique pieces for their new home. It’s a chance to revamp a property, and maybe change the style of the place you live completely. […]
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