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Recycle your Man and Van Kingston boxes

Man and Van Kingston BunnyThe Man and Van Kingston ethos is pretty simple

Man and Van Kingston want to help people move house with as little hassle and stress as possible, making sure their possessions get from A to B safely and promptly.
We also want to help make the packing up of their/your house as easy as can be, which is why Man and Vans offer a large range of packing materials for your wrapping pleasure. Of course, once you’re all moved in and settled down, you may wonder what can you do with those empty boxes?
Well, we might be able to give you a few ideas:
  • Build a play house for your pet: Whether you have a bunny or a guinea pig, we can (almost) guarantee that any small animal will love running around under cardboard arches, and in and out of holes in the box.
  • A makeshift table: Sturdy and reliable, as well as completely flat-pack, this is a great way to make do whilst your furniture is still packed tightly away.
  • Build a TV: Also a great way to entertain yourself whilst you’re waiting for the real thing- why not make a variety of ‘screens’/shows, so you’re not always watching the same thing?!
If you have any other great ideas for recycling cardboard boxes and other packing materials, or would like some more information about the Man and Van Kingston service, please do get in touch and one of our team will be on hand to answer your questions.
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