Man and Van Camden will move to any mansion

Man and Van Camden on the Millionaires that left their dream home

man and van shoreditch will move to any mansionMan and Van Camden came across this rather interesting story.

It seems that even winning the lottery cannot guarantee that one will be happy with their abode once they move into it. For some, a mansion house proves to be a little too much space as the Chester family from Guernsey discovered when they recently hit the £8.5m jackpot.

Having found themselves suddenly rather rich. Neil and Kate Chester, along with their four children, shacked up in Semple House. A residency that spreads across 18-acres of Romsey, Hampshire.

Since living in their (supposedly) dream house, the family have found that the costs, both of maintaining the property and garden and of losing out on family time, have just been too high. Keeping every part of the house immaculate is extremely difficult, and if they want to find one of their kids, a search through the extensive number of rooms is the on cards.

Of course, here at Man and Van Camden, we are unfortunately unable to offer advice as to where you should move to, or predict whether or not you’ll like it once you get there. What we can do though, is, whatever the size of your home, make sure that your moving day goes as smoothly as possible, with our efficient team doing the hard stuff for you. To get an instant quote, simply fill in our online form, or give us a call for a friendly chat with someone in the office.

We look forward to hearing from you, even if it’s just to tell us how you had to your dream house too!

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