Man and Vans is Number 1 on Google

Man and Vans is pleased to announce that its work over the last five years in developing a customer focused website have been rewarded by who now list us as the number 1 search option for the key phrase “man and van”. Please see the video below for full details.

Being a man and van company, you’d think that all the hard work gets done by the guys out in our vans each day, sweating profusely carrying out moves all over the place. But often, what’s overlooked is how and where all the jobs came from in the first place. In an industry flooded with every man and his dog looking to make a quick buck, we’ve worked very hard to rise above the majority and one of the ways has been with our very informative website. In fact, so much work has gone into our website, that there are very little questions left from anyone looking to use us. We’re all about being as transparent and upfront as possible. Man and Vans don’t have hidden costs or silly clauses that end up costing you more. And these are a few of the reasons that we’re seeing such great results in our ranking with Google.

Don’t get me wrong, we obviously wouldn’t have such a successful business without all our guys sweating hard to do the best job they can. So, a massive thanks to every member of the Man and Vans team for the great work each and every day.


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