forget the footie with man and vans Wandsworth

Man and Van Wandsworth and the World Cup

Man and Van Wandsworth loves the Football World Cup
Man and Van Wandsworth loves football. Especially, the World Cup!

Over the last month or so, the world has literally stopped, as everyone upon it seems to have been sucked into a world of football. Referees, penalties, player injuries, you name it.

That’s all folks. Sadly, the World Cup is over. It’s now time to organise ourselves once again and get back to normality.

For some, plans to move house or office may have even been pushed to the wayside. So, it’s now time to get back on track with important things such as these.If you’re suddenly finding yourself with no one to help you move, get in touch with Man and Van Wandsworth and see what we can do. Not only do we offer friendly and efficient moving staff, but we can literally move anything you like (ok, within reason…call if you’re not sure if your stuff fits into the ‘reasonable’ category…), from wherever you are to wherever you want to get to.The Man and Van Wandsworth team also carry out long-distance moves and can get help you go up and down the country, if that’s the service you’re after.

So, why not give us a call or drop us an email.  We’re sure we can help you at short (or long) notice.

The Man and Van Wandsworth team looks forward to hearing from you

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