Man and Van Hackney and Tattoo Removals

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As we’re sure you are perfectly aware by now, here at Man and Van Hackney, we are great at moving your stuff. Whatever that might be and wherever you might be going. Man and Vans will get it done in an efficient and reliable manner, leaving you nothing to worry about.

In the past,Man and Vans has helped out with office and house removals, packing up film equipment and moving it to another location, and even transported pets around for an airport pick-up. One thing we’re not so clued up on, however, is tattoo removals, which are apparently becoming more and more in demand.

With the popularity of inking one’s self higher than ever, not just in the UK, but around the world. The chances of lots of people deciding they’re not too keen on their body art, has also increased dramatically.

Our thoughts on the matter? If you are sure you want to get tattooed, pick a design that means something really special to you, and that you’ll be glad to have a reminder of every day. Think carefully before getting something that will last a lifetime, and take time to make a decision. These rules should be observed in everyday life, too, unless of course you’re booking a removals company, in which case you should look no further than Man and Van Hackney. We hope you appreciate these words of wisdom. If you’d like to contact Man and Van Hackney, drop us a line to

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