Man and Van Wembley on facebook

Man and Van Wembley on Facebook

Man and Van Wembley on facebookMan and Van Wembley prides ourselves on keeping up with the times. And social networking is becoming a way of life.

There are lots of reasons we all use Facebook- to see what our closest friends (and most distant arch nemeses) are up to, to let everyone know how cool and popular we ourselves are, and of all the exciting things that happen in our own lives.

Numerous debates have been opened and participated in regarding the most effective way in which once can make one’s profile seem incredibly suave, sophisticated and cool all at the same time; is it by keeping your bunnies alive on a virtual farm? Or perhaps by acquiring a gangster name and leading a band of your homies into battles with rival groups? No, say we. All of this childish nonsense is pointless, when all you really need to do is become a fan of the Man and Van Wembley page. Once you do so, our delightful, sunny yellow logo will pop up on your screen every time you log on, making your day seem that much brighter, and reminding you of all the good things in the world, such as great removals companies.

So, if you want to jump on our bandwagon, just search for us in the little white box at the top of your Facebook homepage. Man and Vans can’t wait to welcome you into the family- and give you a great big virtual hug. Ahhh.

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