Man and Van South London talks of Antiques stolen during house removal

As with most people, we at Man and Van South London like to keep up with current affairs, and always keep an eye on the news for more interesting things going on in the world of house removals (and around the rest of the world, of course…).
We were shocked and horrified, however, to read about an antiques collector who recently suffered a burglary right outside his old home, as the house removal van was parked and loaded, ready to take his prized possessions to his new residence. Around midday on the 22nd May, the thieves seized the opportunity to nick the van, presumably having been watching carefully whilst the loading had been taking place, leaving the antiques’ owner having to move house without some of his most sentimental and valuable possessions. Police around the Caterham area, where the incident took place, have asked antique dealers to keep an eye out for some of the items in the vehicle.
At Man and Van South London, we take every possibly precaution to keep your valuables and other items safe from harm during every stage of the moving process. If you’d like to test out our friendly and reliable service, then please contact us with details of your move, and we’ll turn up and do the rest. We look forward to hearing from you!
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