Man and Van Croydon gets the party started

It’s summer at last in the UK. The sun seems to be poking it’s lazy head out from the clouds, and it looks like we might just have something of a decent chance to get a tan on home turf. Man and Van Croydon have some top tips.

Not only this, but it’s time to get organising some super summer parties, booking your friends for your date of choice, and making sure you’ve got all the food and decorations needed to make it a bash to remember. Maybe you’re even going the whole hog and renting a venue for your summer party, and maybe you’ve got tonnes of awesome props/decorative pieces to move…which is where Man and Van Croydon comes in. With our friendly and efficient service – see what our customers say about us, and with boys that could lift a large elephant (we’re not sure about this one, but it’s somewhat likely), we can move your streamers/baubles/paddling pool (we’re thinking pool party here), from wherever you are, to wherever the fun will be, whenever suits you. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

So contact man and vans and one of our friendly team will be able to give you a quote for your move. Please note: we love parties, and love getting invited. Just so you know.

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