Man and Van London and Snuffles the Python

It was a regular Wednesday afternoon in the Man and Van London office…at least it was until we received something of an usual request. “Do you move rare species of animals?” inquired a potential customer over the livechat application on our website, “As I have a python and a tarantula who need taking somewhere”.
After a little thinking and discussion around the office, yes, said we, as long as they are in a secure box and can travel safely in the back of the van without supervision. “Hmmm”, quoth the potential customer, “thing is, Snuffles, the python, is afraid of the dark”. It was at this point we got a little suspicious (we later found out it was our Soph playing a little joke on us, what a card she is), but it did get us thinking.
If you have any animals you need moving, and are able to take full responsibility for their comfort and safety whilst they travel with us, then please do get in touch and we’ll be able to talk through carrying your kitty, or moving your mouse. If they are afraid of the dark, however, it does make the whole process a little tricky…
Contact Man and Van London on 0845 500 5450.
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