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Keep safe on Facebook with Man and Van Richmond

Let’s face it, these days if you’re not on Facebook, Myspace, Bebo, Hi-Five or any other social networking site, you’re basically completely out of the loop, and have no life to speak of. Man and Van Richmond have some advice for you. Somewhat ironic, we feel. And when one is part of said social networking […]
Man and Van Wembley on facebook

Man and Van Wembley on Facebook

Man and Van Wembley prides ourselves on keeping up with the times. And social networking is becoming a way of life. There are lots of reasons we all use Facebook- to see what our closest friends (and most distant arch nemeses) are up to, to let everyone know how cool and popular we ourselves are, […]
man and vans london will help you move

Helpful moving tips from Man and Van Wembley

Man and Van Wembley knows moving house can be a tricky time for all the family. Packing up an old life and moving on to a new one. Maybe leaving some old friends behind, possibly moving schools and jobs. It’s a chance to make a fresh start and see something new, but the getting-there can […]

Man and Van London meets loved ones at the airport

We’re all busy these days, working long hours to pay the bills, and then trying to sociable with our colleagues/chums after work, before running home to see the significant other/the kids, to kiss them goodnight and possibly read a story (to the kids, that is. Usually, anyhow). We want to make sure everyone feels loved […]
Man and Vans New Website

Man and Vans – New Website Launch 18th June 2010

Man and Vans are proud to announce the launch of their new website on 17th June 2010. Since we began in 2005 we have been collecting valuable information that we feel needs to be more obvious to our customers. The man and van industry is one that has been historically saturated with cowboys who have […]

Man and Van South London talks of Antiques stolen during house removal

As with most people, we at Man and Van South London like to keep up with current affairs, and always keep an eye on the news for more interesting things going on in the world of house removals (and around the rest of the world, of course…). We were shocked and horrified, however, to read […]

Man and Van Croydon gets the party started

It’s summer at last in the UK. The sun seems to be poking it’s lazy head out from the clouds, and it looks like we might just have something of a decent chance to get a tan on home turf. Man and Van Croydon have some top tips. Not only this, but it’s time to […]

Man and Van London and Snuffles the Python

It was a regular Wednesday afternoon in the Man and Van London office…at least it was until we received something of an usual request. “Do you move rare species of animals?” inquired a potential customer over the livechat application on our website, “As I have a python and a tarantula who need taking somewhere”. After […]
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