In-Van entertainment with Man and Van Southwark

We’ve all been there; you’re driving somewhere, maybe on a family holiday, with the kids packed into the back of the car, endlessly asking “Are we nearly there yet?”, to which the answer is often (unfortunately for you, the long-suffering driver), “No”. Man and Van Southwark have some answers.
In-car/van entertainment is something that we at Man and Van Southwark are much-practiced in, due to all the long-distance (and short distance) driving we do for our beloved clients up and down the UK. This also means we’re well-practiced in the art of in-drive entertainment, and this week, faithful reader, we’re sharing some of these ideas with you:
Sing-along Tapes: The variety of sing-a-long tapes available, ranging from practicing one’s times tables, to the ultimate collection of Disney’s greatest hits, means there really is something for everyone to enjoy. We unfortunately cannot guarantee, however, that you’ll enjoy the music created by your passengers.
Yellow car: The rules are simple: you spot a yellow car and you yell “Yellow car” at the top of your lungs. The first one to do so wins a point. Warning: This game can escalate in volume and violent impulses very quickly, so should be carefully monitored.
Magentic board games: A good, old-fashioned way of keeping nippers, and older passengers, entertained. They come in a variety of gaming versions, and it’s extremely difficult to lose the pieces because of the magnets. Wonderful.
If you have any more boredom-busting car-friendly activities that you’d like to share with us, then please do contact man and vans – we always love to hear from you!
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