Man and Van Croydon visit the theatre

It’s not only moving our clients safely and efficiently around London that we at Man and Van Croydon are interested in, oh no. We love to dabble in artistic and creative pursuits such as going to the theatre and art galleries. Camberwell boasts a number of things to quench our dramatic and visual appetites, a few of which seem to relatively well-kept secrets.

The Blue Elephant Theatre is a delightful black box fringe theatre, which plays host to a multitude of dance, musical and drama pieces; recent delights include the recently translated “The Title of the Drama about Ante is Written Here” by Croatian playwright Ivor Martinic, and Julius Caesar, by our very own widely celebrated William Shakespeare.

For those who prefer to gaze longingly at pretty pictures, Croydon School of Art holds regular exhibitions and displays of talented students’ work- the Man and Van Croydon crew have been so inspired by sights as these that we’re thinking of holding our very own painting competition…any ideas for a theme are welcome, and of course we’ll need an adjudicator/judge. If you’d like to arrange/partake in such an event for our team, do let us know! We do need some new artwork in the office….

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