Wandsworth Release Parking Footage

Man and Van Wandsworth was very interested to find out about a new addition to the Wandsworth Council website, it’s something that is bound to interest the motorists who, shall we say, don’t always pay the closest attention to parking laws in different councils…  That’s right, for those of you who have picked up a parking fine in the fine borough of Wandsworth you can now see a live video of you breaking (or not breaking) that certain law.

Wandsworth council have added a feature on their website where you can enter your penalty charge notice, as well as a few other details to see photos, or even CCTV footage of your violation.  So if you’re not convinced you’ve done something wrong, you can double check to see if the fine is deserved or not.  Here at Man and Van Wandsworth we’re happy to see this come into affect, it will surely save a lot of the councils employees time when people can make their own judgement about if contesting a fine is worth it or not.  After all it would be quite hard to deny you were parked on that double yellow if you can see yourself pop out of the car and into the shop to get that last cornish pasty before you drive off down a bus lane!

Man and Van Wandsworth also enjoy the fact that CCTV footage is being opened to the public, there is always a lot of complaints about the British public being the most monitored in the World.  But at least this time the CCTV footage can actually come to the help of those looking to beat a fine which they’ve undeservedly been handed. It’s nice to see a bit of transparency with the footage, as in too many cases councils will treat it as though it is some top secret tape that can’t be shown to anyone!

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