Lifting boxes safely with Man and Van Wimbledon

We at Man and Van Wimbledon know our onions. Or, more accurately, we know our boxes, and if we’re being pedantic, we know how to lift our boxes properly so that we keep ourselves safe and our backs healthy and intact.

Of course, if you’re moving from or to anywhere in the area, Man and Vans will gladly help you out, meaning you don’t have to worry about lugging heavy objects around your house or flat. If, however, you’re planning to help us out by doing some of the moving yourself, it’s essential that you do it safely.

When carrying weighty furniture or other items, you should always bend your knees so you’re as low as possible, whilst keeping your back straight. Picking the object in question up should be done using your legs as much as possible, relieving the strain that can be put on your back in instances such as these. If what you’re carrying needs a lot of work to move it, you should certainly get someone to give you a helping hand, as lightening the load is of course always a good thing!

Alternatively you could leave the hard work to the professionals at Man with a Van, for whom no job is too big or small. If you have any queries about anything you’d like moving, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help! We’ve also got nothing to hide and you can see what our customers say about us at

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