Boris encourages Man and Van London to go green

But Can Man And Van London really go green?

Boris Johnson goes green on his bike in LondonBoris Johnson has said that plans for the third level of the Low Emission Zone will be in place by 2012, by which time owners of vehicles in force for every small business, such as man and van London in the capital must be adhering to the stated guidelines.

Among the measures are rules  that each van driven by Man with a van will be liable for a £200 daily charge for being on the road, £100 for each of the smaller vans such as those owned by our good friends The Water Delivery Company, with large penalties if these go unpaid. Also stated is that vans that do not meet green guidelines, such as the Euro 5 Standards of air quality, there will be further fines.

We here at Man And Van London are all for going and keeping green, particularly in a city such as ours where fuel emissions are consistently high, and the greenhouse effect is becoming a very real problem for us and for future generations. Others, however, are a little more concerned: a spokesperson for The Federation of Small Businesses expressed a worry that it was precisely these companies who will suffer most once these laws come into force, particularly as many continue to struggle from losses caused by the recession.
You can keep undated on the Mayor’s plans on the London Assembly website.

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