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But “Crazy Bet” has nothing to do with the three thirty at Kempton. Today is the 99th anniversary of the death of Elizabeth “Crazy Bet” Van Lew. This courageous and brave woman helped the defenseless at huge person risk. Elizabeth “Crazy Bet” Van Lew was a citizen of Richmond, Virginia not Surrey, who helped Union soldiers and slaves during the American Civil War.

Man and Vans, London’s leading light removal service, is committed to diversity and equality and Man and Van Richmond thinks it’s important to remember the work of “Crazy Bet” on the day of her death. Bornon 12th October 1818 to one of Richmond’s wealthiest families Elizabeth Van Lew stayed loyal to the United States after Virginia seceded in the spring of 1861. She helped ease the suffering of Union soldiers, who were being held as prisoners in a warehouse near her home.

As the war continued Elizabeth became an effective espionage agent for the Union passing information from Union prisoners to Generals using a cipher that she created. The information she communicated was crucial to generals, who captured the city of Richmond in 1865. Named “Crazy Bet” by Richmond’s Confederate citizens, who couldn’t understand Elizabeth’s support for slaves and Union soldiers, she was  decorated as a hero by President Ulysees S Grant at the end of the war.

Like the Confederate Army Man and Vans has a secure warehouse but Man and Van Richmond prefer to store your belongings rather than prisoners of war. For information on Man and Vans secure warehouse service follow the link – man and vans storage. For more information on Elizabeth “Crazy Bet” Van Lew follow the link.

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