Man and Van Hackney on Halloween

Man and Van Hackney sets the scene for the scary season…


A horror story -A young woman in Hackney has a huge fight with her boyfriend and has to leave the flat she shares with him. She’s desperately unhappy and just wants to go home. Back to the love and security of her parents. Her boyfriend has gone. Left her to deal with the late October elements as he shacks up with a lady of questionable reputation in a bedsit near by. Our heroines parents are on holiday and can’t help her move from the lair of her scumbag boyfriend. She needs help!

She sees an ad in the paper for a man and a van which is cheap, cheap, cheap. She can’t believe her luck. She dials the number of this unregulated and uninsured sole trader. He can help her that very evening. She thanks the Lord that she will no longer have to look a this pit! This hole! This flat that holds such bad memories for her! But it was not God who sent this man with a van!!

Our story ends with our heroine alone and unhappy. She is safe and secure in her parents house. Her cheap man with a van was no murderer (most people won’t chop you into little pieces even around Halloween) but unfortunately he was also not a professional. Half her possessions are cracked or broken and because he is uninsured she has no protection. If only she’d have called Man and Vans, London’s original light removals service!!! Man and Van Hackney can provide a friendly, efficient and reliable service at a competitive price. And what’s more we are fully licensed and insured so you are fully protected.

Avoid a scary story this Halloween! Stay away from cowboy man with a van services and come to true professionals. Man and Van Hackney is here to help you escape from scary situations and will protect you while you make perilous journeys. For information on how Man and Vans can protect you this Halloween follow the link – man and vans certification.

Man and Vans is London’s original light removals and man and van service. To contact us either email or call 0845 170 0660

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