Monthly Archives: October 2009


Man and Van London Fireworks

When Guido Fawkes was caught, fuse in hand, under the Houses of Parliament standing next to enough gunpowder to destroy half of Westminister he must have thought that things couldn’t get much worse. He’d not managed to blow up King James I, the Gunpowder plot had failed in the conspiracy to end the government and […]

Man and Van Hackney on Halloween

Man and Van Hackney sets the scene for the scary season… A horror story -A young woman in Hackney has a huge fight with her boyfriend and has to leave the flat she shares with him. She’s desperately unhappy and just wants to go home. Back to the love and security of her parents. Her […]

Man and Van Wimbledon Theatre Trip

Man and Van Wimbledon, London’s leading removal service, works hard for you so this week we are having a treat. Man and Van Wimbledon noticed the New Wimbledon Theatre was putting on a performance of Quadrophenia. Man and Vans have run the route between London and Brighton and thought this would be a deserved trip for […]

Man and Van London Packaging Provided

Man and Van London is the leading light removal service, here to help with your move. This doesn’t just mean picking up your possessions and delivering them safely to your new address. Man and Vans provides a complete 360 services. Man and Vans offer a packing service, if you need help with your belongings, sells […]

Man and Van North London Gets Poetic

Man and Van North London is the original light removals service, has news regarding its favourite poet. We’ve found another poem by Man Van London, the author of Clutter. Man and Vans found this poem on a forum for aspiring writers. The poem titled Neanderthal Trainspotter is another haiku by Man and Van North […]
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