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man-and-van-waste-removalMan and Van Ealing has always been environmentally conscious but not even our strong environmental policy can compete with the deal made by West London Waste Authority. WLWA have struck a deal with Biogen Greenfinch Ltd to turn Ealing, Hounslow and Richmond’s waste food into electricity. Anything from mouldy bread to rotten eggs will be collected from the doorsteps of the three boroughs and burnt at an anaerobic digestion (AD) plant. The resulting methane will produce enough ‘green electricity’ for the national grid to continuously power 3,00 homes.

Man and Vans Company Owner, Robert Innes, has family ties in Ealing and is very supportive of the project; “Man and Vans has always been committed to providing an efficient, reliable and also environmentally conscious service. Man and Van Ealing like the rest of Man and Vans London is very supportive of this project. My family has been collecting waste food in little green bins for some time now and it’s nice to know our effort is going towards a useful goal.”

Ealing Council, along with those in Hounslow and Richmond, could save millions of pounds used normally for land fill tax. Councillor Irwin Van Colle, chairman of WLWA, said; “AD represents the future of waste management. Diverting waste from landfill like this saves money for council tax payers, helps generate electricity and provides a biofertiliser for use on farmlands.” As well as the cost benefits  AD plants use of methane reduces the emission of the gas into the atmosphere. Methane is a greenhouse gas twenty two time more damaging than carbon dioxide and its refinement and processing will be a positive step towards the slowing of global warming.

Man and Van Ealing is London’s original light removal service and has a solid record of environmental management. Man and Vans will continue to look for ways to improve its emissions of greenhouse gases. To view Man and Vans environmental policy follow the link – man and vans environmental policy.

Man and Vans is London’s leading light removal and man and van service. To contact us either email or call 0845 170 0660.

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