Man with a Van – Parking Ticket advice

Man and Vans provides Man with a Van services to business and residential customers across London – and as part of this struggle on behalf of our customers to deal with parking wardens. Although we assist customers with avoiding tickets sometimes tickets are issued erroneously or maybe occasionally because the parking warden is having a bad/vindictive day.

We cannot take responsibility for tickets – laid out in our terms and conditions – while on removals work for a customer so we provide full details on how to avoid these tickets.

Councils allow Removals Exemption

Although not commonly accepted by councils in day to day parking enforcement –   in the detail on their parking regulations most authorities allow an exemption to a removals of furniture. If you contact your local council you can get a definite answer on whether they will accept this commonly held exemption.

Cover yourself and getting a parking bay suspension

In our experience though the exemption above is not enough to ensure that our vehicle remains ticketless. However parking wardens will leave us and you alone if you apply in advance for a parking bay suspension – to the sceptical it does look like they only leave you alone if you have paid for the privilige.
If worst happens you can challenge the ticket

Although we require that customers pay in full for parking tickets received at the end of the job – you can request that we don’t pay it immediately so that you can put in a claim against the ticket. We recommend Ticket Busters who claim to get off 90% of parking tickets. In our experience through a related company –  The Water Delivery Company –  this can be the case as long as you have a valid reason and relevant documentation backing up your claim.
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