Man and Vans: The Three Little Pigs

Man and Vans asks, What really happened to the Three Little Pigs?

You may think you know the story of the three little pigs and the big bad wolf….wolf wants to eat pigs, blows houses down, two of three pigs get eaten whilst one resides in his beautiful brick home.

This may be true, but what of the remaining pig now? How is he coping without his two brothers? Is he wiling away lonely hours, longing for days gone by, wishing for some company?


Luckily for this little piggy, he had visited only the previous day, as he wanted to someone help him lug all his heavy furniture around his new house, and quite frankly, he knew it was too much for one little piggy to manage all by himself.

Whilst perusing the website, checking out the hot mug shots of the available man(s), he noticed that the company could also offer removal services at short notice.

And so, the story goes:

When the wolf came to blow down the straw house, the clever little piggy got right on the dog and bone. He hired one man and a van at an excellent price, and got all the stuff lugged out of the stick house into his own brick abode in the nick of time.

Right now he is sitting in his mother’s antique armchair (inherited by his youngest brother), wearing a dashing silk dressing down (used to belong to the middle child) and watching his Aerogarden grow (his own)….

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