Snow man and van :)

Could Man and Vans be the first?

Snow man and van joins our team! I think it’s pretty safe to say that here at Man and Vans, we’re first company EVER to have a snow man as an employee. With the recent snow, he’s really come to life (bad joke intended) and,unlike many of our regular drivers, he prefers the cold, crisp mornings.

We’re very confident that his little arms with only get bigger and stronger with the more boxes he moves from A to B. Our customers love the fact that he takes his shoes off before coming inside too. Although, someone is yet to discover that this “polite” gesture, is merely down to the fact that he has no feet to necessitate shoes in the first place.

So, if you’re moving this winter. Why not see what our customers say about us…and our snow man, of course? And if you like what you see, as many do, you can see our prices at

Oh yes there he is now…he’s finished all his jobs today.

Snow man and a van :)

snow man and a van

Snow man and a van

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